Since 1994, the Snipe Women's World Championship has been held every other year.  Sailors from Argentina, Brazil, Norway, Russia, Spain, United States, and Uruguay have won the Championship for the Roy Yamaguchi Trophy.  The most recent edition was held in Newport, Rhode Island, USA with 32 teams representing 10 countries.  The next event will be in Saõ Paulo, Brazil in 2021.

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Get Ready                For Brazil

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October 2021

Mundial Feminino

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October 5 - 9, 2021

Women's Invitational- Pre Worlds Regatta - October 2 - 3

October 5

Registration, Measurement, Practice Race

October 6

Registration, Measurement, Racing

Opening Ceremony & Cocktail

October 7

Racing, Bingo & Pasta

October 8

Racing, Jazz'n Happy Hour

October 9

Racing, Prize Giving, Closing Ceremony

Venue & Conditions


The competition will take place on Guarapiranga Reservoir, 23 km south of the city Saõ Paulo.  The reservoir has several branches that are surrounded by parks, yachts clubs, and towns.  The "lake" is home to World Champions from the Snipe, Laser, Star, and Finn classes and was the venue for the 2018 Brazilian Snipe Nationals with 80 boats.

During October, sailors can expect air temperatures of 20 to 27' C (68' - 80'F) and very nice water temperatures.  Winds range from 8 - 15 knots.  Depending on the direction and strength of the wind, the lake can be flat, choppy, or smaller waves.

There are no crocodiles, Piraña, or killer snakes



Regatta Details

All competitors (skipper & crew) must have paid their Snipe Class dues for 2021.  Registration is not complete until dues are paid.  Skipper and crew do not need to be from the same country. 


All boats must pass measurement.  Some may be pre-measured before the event.  Measurement includes weighing of hulls, safety equipment checks, sail measurement (2 sets of sails may be measured).  Rudders, masts, and booms may also be measured. Equipment may be checked on the water during racing.  Boats must be registered (paid) with the Class for year with the current class decal on the hull.

Sail numbers must be the number of a boat that has registered and paid for 2021.  The country letters must be those of the country that the skipper is representing (must hold a passport of or be a legal resident of the country on their sail)

The Race Committee will attempt to complete 9 races, with races typically lasting one hour.  No more than 3 races will be held in one day. Races will not be started in over 18 knots of wind. Coaches are permitted, but must register with regatta organizers.  There will be on-water judging.

The Club


Since 1932, the Yacht Club Paulista has been home to sailors from the city of Saõ Paulo including Star and Finn Olympians and World Champions, Joerg Bruder, Bruno Prada, & Jorge Zarif.

Sailors are welcome to dine in the club restaurant and relax after a day on the water with cool caipirinhas at the bar.  In addition to sailing, pool swimming and tennis can also be enjoyed at the club.

Situated in a serene area, far from the hectic bustle of the mega metropolis of Saõ Paulo, visitors to the club will enjoy Brazlian nature at the adjacent Parque Ecológico do Guarapiranga.

Yacht Club Paulista Brazil Snipe Mundial



Reasonable charters are available for teams traveling a long distance and for crews that do not own a boat.  All teams chartering must provide their own sails.  International teams may want to consider doing a boat exchange with a local team interested in traveling to a regatta in their country - Western Hemisphere in Boston, Europeans in Croatia, Women's Europeans in Belgium, Worlds in Japan, or other important regattas.

Most boats available are Brazilian built Lemaõs.  These boats have won numerous world championships, including the Worlds in 2019.  The deck shape and layout is different than American, European, and Japanese Snipes.  The jib sheets do not cleat to the leeward side, so international crews will want some time to practice in the boats before the start of racing.  Crews will also want to wear hiking pants/pads for more comfort.

Teams chartering/borrowing boats should bring their own sails, compass, mainsheet, jib sheets, spreaders, shrouds, tools, & hull polish.

Contact: Luis Borba

English, French, Spanish & Portuguese

+ 55 11997086777

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OCTOBER 2 - 3, 2021



Paola Prada Lorenzi & Georgia Bruder have two important goals during regattas - have fun and beat the boat in front of them.  They love women's sailing and organize Women's Snipe clinics & regattas in Brazil.  Paola is the Snipe Class National Secretary of Brazil (like a president) and was the co-organizer of the 2019 Snipe World Championship in Ilhabela.  Georgia was a measurer at the 2019 Worlds. They both have busy lives, but always find time for their Snipe family.  

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Women's World Champions

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Yokohama, Japan
Pauline Book & Carine Juliussen (NOR)
Mar Menor, Spain
Pauline Book & Carine Juliussen (NOR)
Annapolis, USA
Ekaterina Skoudina & Tatiana Lartseva (RUS)
Trieste, Italy
Karianne Eikeland & Janett Krefting (NOR)
St. Petersburg, USA
Carolyn Brown Krebs and Julie Redler (USA)
Oslo, Norway
Andrea & Mariana Foglia  (URU)
Punta del Este, Uruguay
Andrea & Marian Foglia  (URU)
St. Petersburg, USA
Anna Tunnicliffe & Molly Vandermoer (USA)
Malaga, Spain
Marta & Angela Hernandez (ESP)
Cordoba, Argentina
Maria Paula & Mariala Salerno (ARG)
Roquetas de Mar, Spain
Marina Gallego & Marina Sanchez (ESP)
Bracciano, Italy
Juliana Duque & Amansa Sento Sè (BRA)
Newport, Rhode Island, USA
Carol Cronin & Kim Couranz (USA)

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