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Carolina Sacconi & Mariana Peccicacco - the 2020 Women's Champions of Brazil

Updated: May 22, 2021

Congratulations to Mariana and Carolina who won the 2020 Brazilian Women's Championship hosted by the Yacht Club Paulista on Guarapiranga Lake outside the city of Saõ Paulo this past weekend. Six races were completed over two days with a combination of lighter winds of 5-12 knots on day one and a windy second day with 12 - 15 knots winds and full hiking. Competition was tight at the top of the fleet with only one point separating first through fourth places. All of the top three teams discarded an OCS.

The winning team of Mariana Peccicacco and Carolina Sacconi are no strangers to the Snipe Class. Both started their sailing careers in the Optimist, Mariana in Ilhabela and then Guarapiranga. Mariana began sailing Snipes in 2006 when her father bought a boat. She also participated in the 2014 Women's Worlds in Argentina with Raquel Aimone.

Carolina comes from a family of Snipe sailors - both her father and brother sail in the Class. She began sailing Snipes at the age of fourteen. The pair have been friends since Carolina joined the Class in 2004, but this year's Championship was the first time they have sailed together.

Top Four Teams (6 races with one discard)

  1. Carolina Sacconi & Mariana Peccicacco, 11

  2. Maria Hackerott & Victoria Ennser, 12

  3. Renata Bellotti & Giesele Gaidzakian, 12

  4. Beatriz Ferraz & Mirella Zanelli, 12

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